Everything You Need to Know About Veterans Day in NJ

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air force memorial in nj Air Force memorial in Hamilton, NJ

America would not be the country it is today without its veterans, and New Jersey plays a historical war in the history of our country’s conflicts. New Jersey was the home to many major battles during the Revolutionary War. There are tens of thousands of Veterans living in the Garden State, and today is the day to give thanks and acknowledge their sacrifice. Here’s a guide to everything Veterans Day in NJ.

Are you a Veteran living in Jersey? Give us a call and we can help you buy a new vehicle and access specialty financing.

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Glenn Beck reveals major health issues

FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports

(CNN) — Glenn Beck shared Monday a secret he’s kept from almost everyone for years: He’s been battling a serious and rare illness.

“It has baffled some of the best doctors in the world. It has frightened me and my family, as we didn’t know what was happening,” the conservative radio and TV host said on TheBlaze, a network he founded.

Eventually, he learned what was wrong: he had a variety of ailments, including an autoimmune disorder and adrenal fatigue.

Speaking through tears, the former Fox News host detailed the progression of his illness and the symptoms he suffered.

Beck said he struggled to remember names, faces and conversations. At other times, his hands would shake and he would be forced to curl up into a ball.

“While I was at Fox, the pain would get so bad that my camera crew, our executive producer Tiffany and I, had worked…

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Scottish Council budget cuts

EN4 News

20141111_135728 Money – photo courtesy of Saoirse Docherty

The Scottish councils will have to make a combined cut of £150 million in order to balance their books next year.

BBC Scotland revealed that the councils were spending too much money and were going into a deficit that must be corrected – and it was warned that there would be further tightening of the purse strings in future.

There is also likely to be cuts in staffing as well. Up to 1,000 council staff may have to be made redundant in the next few years, according to BBC Scotland.

Edinburgh City Council aim to save £36 million this year by selling council properties and stopping hundreds of jobs. In addition, parking charges will increase by 20p and school milk costs will be decreased.

The council are also launching an new online tool so that members of the public can see exactly where…

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The Simplest Strategy for Networking Success

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We’re excited to have this week’s tips post from our friend Patrick Ewers (@PatrickEwers), an executive coach and founder of Mindmaven. He is based in Silicon Valley.

I do not love networking. Yes, you read that right. It may seem unusual coming from a person who has been called one of the most successful networking coaches in Silicon Valley. I doubt I’m alone – if you are on the team of people who find networking events to simply be a necessary evil, you’ve come to the right place.

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