World War II veterans depart in final 2014 honor flight from Lambert

[ooyala code=”d3Z2FucTrVGRjDUPRulOH4x79SKG6B6x” player_id=”c660b791c3704ff69d4162d7adb7c4a1″]ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Nearly two dozen St. Louis area veterans are on a very special trip on this Veterans Day. They are going to Washington DC Tuesday Morning on board the latest honor flight to leave Lambert Airport.

These are really amazing men and women who served our country during World War II. This is a long day for them, many are in their 90’s. They had to be here at 4am Tuesday so they could board an early flight.

But, an early wake up call didn’t bother any of the veterans. They were just excited to be able to make this trip of a lifetime.  There are a total of 22 world war two veterans on this particular honor flight including three women. All of the veterans have guardians with them.

The group will land in Baltimore then take a bus into Washington DC. From…

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